Pitchpipers Chorus

We are a small friendly group of women who meet every Tuesday to sing together.

Our music is unaccompanied and we sing in close harmony - four parts that make up a beautiful whole sound.  We love to sing all kinds of music as long as we are singing together, and we love to share our music too. We don't take ourselves too seriously but we believe getting together in song is good for the soul and we miss it when we miss a Tuesday evening.

Twice a year we invite guests to come and sing with us, usually in the Spring and in the runup to Christmas. Some of our guests having been joining us for years, some will come only once, but we enjoy blending their voices with our own. 

We also like to get out and about, and from time to time you'll find us singing 'out' - maybe at a care home, maybe a fete, maybe a shopping centre - anywhere people can hear us (and join in if they want to) and share our love for music.