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We are a friendly female singing group with a wide-ranging repertoire spanning over 200 years. We sing everything from barbershop through to 80s classics and beyond - all in four-part harmony, barbershop style.


We have travelled far and wide to appear on shows in the UK, Germany and Holland. Our love of music brings us together to create this unique style of harmonious singing.


Sadly, we cannot run physical rehearsals just now.  But we are still running online rehearsal on Tuesday evenings.  If you are interested in hearing more about The Pitchpipers 


You can also catch up with us on our Facebook page!





Sadly, like so many other groups, we cannot meet or perform currently because of the coronavirus pandemic.  We will get back together again as soon as possible - But in the meantime, we meet weekly on Zoom.




Do you fear a little fright night?  Are you spooked by spooky?




If that is the case it's a goooood thiiiing you stayed away last  night.  Pitchpipers celebrated Halloween early but wonderfully as only they can and the costumes were superb.


There are four things in life that all Pitchpipers love:  singing, laughing, dressing up and cake.  Last night we shared the first three, sadly we still cannot share our fourth love (though in normal times cake and biscuits are always on the menu!)

Cake may not have been part of the night, but singing most certainly was.  Karen, directing from underneath a spider, (you had to see it!) got us warmed up and singing a tag.  We’ll be sending in recordings of ourselves singing the tag (if we want to) and she will merge them into one soundtrack so we can still  feel we are singing together.  Thanks Karen!

Rosamunde then led us in singing the songs we are currently learning / refreshing. We have started updating our Christmas repertoire which is exciting, though tinged with a little sadness this year both because Marilyn is not here to do it with us and because we won’t be able to do any public performances unless a miracle happens.  But still, we got to practice duetting our part against all the other (why do I always lose myself against the Barries?  Too busy listening to their lovely sound I think). 

Just in case you are wondering how we manage to sing together on Zoom (other platforms are available), whoever is leading plays the teach tracks and each of us sings along with it but muted from the group.  The only time we sing unmuted is when we warble Happy Birthday to a chorus member – timings are then hysterical!    

Finally Amanda did us proud with a wonderful Halloween based quiz

Thanks to everyone who contributed to a wonderful evening – you make such a difference to the chorus.

We are really looking forward to the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers convention this weekend – so much to listen to, so much to learn and enjoy and all online!  If you are interested find details here:   





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Currently The Pitchpipers are not able to meet due to COVID-19 restrictions.

We will get back together as soon as possible.



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